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Final Year Project 2010-2011:

Online Books:

Invited Talks:

  • 45 minutes Talk: International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians 2010 (December, Beijing)
  • SIAM Imaging Conference 2010 (April 12-14, Chicago): Medical Image Analysis using Quasi-conformal Geometry
  • Differential Geometry Seminar (Feb, Math Department, Harvard): Computational Differential Geometry and its Applications
  • Math Department, City U HK (May, 2009): Shape Analysis using Computational Quasi-conformal Geometry
  • Math Department, CUHK (Jan, 2009): Human Brain Mapping using Computational Conformal Geometry
  • Math Department, HKUST (Dec, 2009): Computational Conformal Geometry and its Applications to Human Brain Mapping
  • SIAM Imaging Conference 2008 (July, San Diego): Image Processing on Manifolds using Conformal Geometry
  • IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) (June, New York): Automatic Landmark Tracking on Brain Surfaces using Global Conformal Parameterization
  • SIAM Imaging Conference 2006 (May, Minneapolis): Human Brain Mapping using Conformal Geometry